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600 watts of solar,200amp/hour lithium battery,40amp DC to DC,40amp battery charger,1000 watt pure sine wave inverter,RVD/EMR safety switch.

Complete setup by solar2camp using enerdrive gear.


Mercedes Sprinter Van with 400 watts of solar, 2 x 100amp/hour AGM batteries,IDC25 projecta DC to DC,Ctec 25 amp charger.

















Install for Dunn & Watson. 200 amp/hour Lead Crystal Battery Bank,160 watt solar panel,projecta inverter, 15 amp 6 stage solar controller,internal cabin lights and external work lights with external weather proof switches.

Victron lithium ion phosphate 200 amp/hour battery,Victron battery management,Victron solar controller and Victron 240volt battery charger.

Solar Panel Installations.